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Germie is an innovative seed starting kit designed to help gardeners achieve higher yields, faster growth, and easier plant care. The unique design of the Germie kit eliminates the need for thinning and promotes quick and uniform growth It works by providing a patented process for seed germination and plant growth, using reusable ‘grow cells’ that can be assembled quickly and filled with a seed starter mix and selected seed. The grow cells do not have a bottom, allowing the roots of the plants to continue to grow according to the needs of the seed. This results in numerous and well-oxygenated roots, which allows for young plants to be easily released without putting undue stress or damage on the roots during transplantation.

Unique Germination Process

Germie’s patented process promotes quick and uniform growth. The grow cells, which lack a bottom, allow roots to grow according to the seed’s needs, resulting in numerous and well-oxygenated roots

Eco-friendly and Durable

Germie kits are made from locally sourced recycled plastic, are fully recyclable, and are guaranteed for 10 years. This commitment to environmental and sustainable practices sets Germie apart

User-friendly Design

Germie kits are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of gardening expertise. The grow cells can be assembled within 60 seconds, making the process of starting seeds simple and efficient

Maximize Your Gardening Success with Germie

Discover the innovative Germie pots, available in three distinct sizes, designed to cater to a variety of seeds and plants, ensuring optimal germination and growth for your gardening endeavors.

Germie Small 41 plants

Germie Small (41 Plants)

Transform 41 seeds into flourishing plants effortlessly with the Germie size S germination pot. This kit is perfect for all small seeds, making it an ideal start for your home gardening. Simply add your favorite seeds and water, and watch them grow! Compatible with all planter trays larger than 12cm x 16cm, it allows for easy transplantation without damaging the roots. Embark on your gardening journey today with Germie!

Germie Medium 25 Plants

Germie Medium (25 Plants)

The Germie medium size germination pots are designed to nurture 25 medium-sized vegetable, flower, or fruit seeds in your home. Its innovative, patented design ensures a natural germination process without the use of chemicals. Ideal for medium-sized seeds like melon, cucumber, salad, sweet peas, and plants like peas, Germie M makes home gardening a breeze.

Germie Large 13 Plants

Germie Large (13 Plants)

The Germie large size germination pot is your perfect companion for germinating 13 large vegetable, flower, or fruit seeds at home. Its patented design ensures a natural germination process, free from any chemicals. Ideal for large seeds like zucchini, pumpkins, broad beans, green beans, and nutrient-demanding seeds like tomatoes and sunflowers, Germie L simplifies home gardening. Grow your favorite large seeds with ease using Germie!

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