Germie L – Large Seed Germinator for 13 Plants


The Germie Large Size is a seed germination tool designed for germinating 13 large seeds, such as courgettes, pumpkins, broad beans, green beans, and seeds with a significant need for nutrients like tomatoes and sunflowers. It uses a patented design that enables a natural germination process without the need for any chemical compounds. The kit dimensions are 12 cm x 16 cm with a height of 4.8 cm, and it is compatible with planter trays measuring greater than 12 cm x 16 cm

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Get a Germie Large Size L (13 plants) and grow your own vegetables in your garden or on your balcony. You don’t need to spend hours reading gardening techniques, because with this tool you can germinate between 90% and 100% of seeds thanks to its simplicity! The process is very simple: pour a little water into the tray or bowl, place one seed per cell, and watch it fend for itself for days or even weeks.

And what’s more? With Germie, you will no longer need to buy expensive plants from garden stores. You can grow your own plants much more quickly and easily.


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